An Independent, Premillennial,                            Landmark,
                  Baptist Church.


Pastor Hines was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area. Raised by a single mother, he was taught at a very young age to fear God and to keep His commandments. He grew up in the Pentecostal movement until the age of nine, when his family was introduced to West Gate Baptist Church in Tampa. The next Sunday, he rode the bus to church and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour. As a younger man, he got away from the Lord and did not allow him to work in his life or lead him. At the age of thirteen, while at a youth camp, the Lord broke his heart and called him to preach the gospel. The next five years also proved unfruitful in service for Christ as he continued to live for his own selfish desires. In 2012, during a midweek service at West Gate, The Lord used the preaching of his pastor to once again break his heart and show him his need to rededicate his life. That night, he promised the Lord he would serve him for the rest of his life. 

Pastor Hines is a proud graduate of Florida Baptist College (a ministry of West Gate Baptist church). He holds a degree in biblical studies with an emphasis on the pastoral ministry. While in seminary he met his beautiful wife, Tayler. They have been married since 2016 and have 3 beautiful children: Holly (5), Truman (4), and Charlotte (2). Pastor Hines is a passionate Bible preacher. He firmly believes the only hope for the world is the faithful proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He enjoys reading, baseball, hunting, and fishing. He is the author of the books - The Church Defined: What Is a Scriptural Church and Baptism: What The Bible Teaches